Our Program

A primary goal of Alternatives for Vets is to work side by side with the VA to help reduce the backlog.

We believe that a better-informed Veteran on the process, rules and tasks assigned by the VA (Veteran Affairs), reduces redundancy. Having knowledge on how conditions are rated, assigned, and presented will reduce claim repetition. Therefore, aiding the VA will reduce their workload.

Claims Management System

Many Veterans experience increased stress during the claim process. This affects their critical skills, memory retention, planning, and emotional state.

Alternatives for Veterans insert mental health skills designed to reduce situational anxiety and increase self-efficacy. We have created a Custom Case Management Program (CCMP) that enhances skills, incorporates validation, and supports empowerment in decision making.

In the background we work to uncover evidence then document to ensure successful claims.

At Alternatives for Vets, your claim is worked on by a team. Your point of contact is more than a VSO or Claims Agent. We take pride in making sure that you are well understood by our team of experts.

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