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Direct Service-Oriented Public Health Model

Coaching claim advocacy free service. By registering you will begin your path on understanding our 4-step claim model that will empower you to manage your case from A-Z.


We cannot control VA response times so we put extra emphasis on what we can control. Our process is aimed at increasing communication efficiency. By inserting an education platform along with mental health assessment skills, we provide you with social support to help you transition more smoothly and access all your benefits. Alternatives for Vets provides training to community providers. The process helps agencies increase the number of Veteran's they serve while reduce provider fatigue so veterans get the attention they deserve.


Agents and attorneys may not charge or be paid for services with respect to services provided before the date on which a notice of disagreement is filed with respect to the veteran's case. 38 U.S.C. § 5904(c)(1).

Group Classes-VA education Topics

All Group Services are Educational Based-We do not file the claim for you.

Agents and attorneys may not charge or be paid for services with respect to services provided before the date on which a notice of disagreement is filed with respect to the veteran's case. 38 U.S.C. § 5904(c)(1).

All our service are FREE of Charge!! We help you understand how to file your own claim. We understand the application process can be frustrating, we're here to help. Fill out the new registration form by clicking the "Enroll Today" button or contact us today!


Claims Management System

Many Veterans experience increased stress during the claim process. This affects affects critical skills in memory retention, planning, and emotional state.

Alternatives for Veterans injects mental health skills designed to reduce situational anxiety and increase self efficacy. We've created a Custom Case Management Program (CCMP) that enhances skills, incorporates validation and supports empowerment in decision making.

In the background we work to uncover evidence then document to ensure successful claims.

At Alternatives for Vets, your claim is worked by a team. Your point of contact is more than a VSO or Claims Agent. We take pride in making sure that you are well understood by our team of experts.

How do we do it?

How do we do it?

The implementation of our 4-Step model helps Veterans Services Providers increase capacity and provide faster services. Call us to find out how.

Step 1: Learn how to identify claimable conditions, properly gather evidence to satisfy in service-event, injury, and or illness while on active duty, prove continuity, and diagnosis.

Step 2: Our Strategy Review session teaches various methods of research and analysis to gather supporting evidence when there are missing areas in the proof.

Step 3: Case Management during the development process to help Veteran understand claim terminology and forms to reply adequately and on time.

Step 4: Co-Enrollment in situational anxiety therapy to help manage the long wait time.


Should your case be denied or you have a decision eligible for an appeal-you may have to sign a fee agreement for representation. However, Alt4V does not file appeals. You will be provided a list of available attorneys and claim agents to take the phase of the claim.


A primary goal of Alternatives for Vets is to work side by side with the VA to help reduce the backlog.

We believe that the better our Veterans and family members understand the process, rules, and tasks required to make the claim successful, the less redundancy will be submitted to the VA for processing. Having knowledge of how conditions are rated, assigned disability ratings, and presented will reduce claim repetition. Therefore assisting the VA in reducing their workload.

Our CCMP was developed out of our 50 years of collective experience in successful VA claims processing, business development, mental health management, and a passion to serve.

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Options for Veterans

Our office helps Veterans file for New Claims or Reopen Existing Claims. This service is pro-bono. No charge to you.

Most law firms - if not a non profit - will not accept a claim at this stage. This is due to the restrictions of VA regulations which state that Veterans are not to be charged for first time or reopen claims.

Restrictions in this area “pigeon hole” our Veterans from having options and as a result, overwhelm local VSO county and non profit sectors.

We don’t want to take this service away from good willing, hard working VSO’s, what we want to do is share our model with them to help them increase capacity and reduce workload stress to better serve our Veterans.

What happens after a VA decision is made?

Only after a decision is made and being appealed will we ask you to sign a fee agreement. If we obtain a favorable result and you get paid, we get paid. If we do not, you owe us nothing. Nothing! Not even office expenses incurred on your behalf.

New Claim or First Time Filing

  • Can only receive services from a county, state, or federal facility
  • Cannot pay for legal representation

Received A Decision Letter

  • Can seek paid legal representation only within a year of decision
  • Claimant has to find qualified Attorney or Agent with accreditation at the Department of Veterans Affairs Level
  • May continue services with county, state, federal facility to continue notice of disagreement

Dispute and Reclaims

If your claim has been previously denied by the VA, we can assist with the appeals process.  We know this process well and can help you get the benefits you deserve.  The appeals process is more complicated and requires more time and energy. We can provide these services on a retainer which is paid once the claim is received.


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Because we do not charge our Veterans for assisting with the new or reopen claim, we ask for a donation at the end of your service. Your donation is directly applied to (a) making sure we are available to answer your call for information, checking status, and or help answer a question, (b) developing or improving the systems we use to connect to you faster and (c) building on education platform to outreach and spread the news of what we do. Your donation empowers your community of Veterans directly. Because you fund us and not government organizations, you say what your money is used towards. We encourage you to refer your comrade to us for service.

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