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What We Do

A primary goal of Alternatives is to work along side the VA to help reduce backlog.

We work alongside the VA to help you manage expectations and have a point of contact. Our MENTAL HEALTH approach to engaging with the VA is known to reduce SITUATIONAL ANXIETY and reduce provider work load stress, compassion fatigue, and vicarious traumatization in the process. The VA (Department of Veterans Affairs) claim, and appeal process can be confusing, time consuming, unpredictable and lengthy. The amount of time claims take causes increased stress.

Alternatives for Veterans provides a structured process and a personalized coaching assistant, that help veterans understand the key steps in building, preparing, and submitting a case.

Our models go beyond helping a Veteran receive “compensation” from the Department of Veterans Affairs. Our approach addresses public health concerns and applies mental health skills with a proven legal process.  You may feel that we are working on forms and legal representation. Behind the scenes we are inserting mental health skills to help you reduce the stress.

Our Model


Coordinación de reclamos

With our 4-step process and through a series of successful strategic links we will help you move your case from contemplation to decision phase. This reduces Veterans situational anxiety caused by the claims process. It also minimizes the compassion fatigue and workload stress that providers often feel when working in this industry.

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