“I would like to thank you for your help and talking me into reopening this claim. I still remember that rainy day when we both where walking in the parking lot at the VA, To get a something to eat when you told me not to give up. And you wanted to open up your own office and was not happy with what you where doing. That’s when you said ” I will ask for my Military records” and WOW you did find it! Like you said. And Here we are 5 years later. All of this I could never do without you. Thanks, and I really mean it..

Logotipo de Alan, LB 2020

“I have had other representatives in the past and they have all done the bare minimum and put little to no effort in assisting me. Veronica took the time and put in lots of effort in building a strong case for my claim and she made sure i got what i deserved. I have refereed many of my friends to her and everyone has nothing but nice things to say about her and her support.
Recomiendo encarecidamente a todos los veteranos que aprovechen los servicios que ella brinda y sepan que están en buenas manos.
Gracias Veronica, realmente aprecio todo lo que has hecho por mí.
Best wishes Z.”

ZI - San Diego, CA

“My VA claim has been on my mind since I’ve been out of the military. I cannot express how much appreciation I have for you and your invaluable skills. You helped me every step of the way. You did not let me forget my VA claim with my busy schedule and most important you made me feel as I deserved this. For long time I always felt as I do not deserve a larger claim. Thank you.
Thank you for caring and thank you for helping me not just with my VA claim but with how I see my military experience.”

CP Long Beach, CA

“I have been wanting to thank you for allowing me to finally open up about my personal life that has been trapped inside for 30 years plus of pain and suffering most of my adult life.
Nunca esperé poder encontrar a alguien en quien confiar para sacar lo que estaba destrozando mi vida. Todavía tengo miedo, pero quiero continuar el proceso dando el siguiente paso al ver al profesional que tomará la decisión correcta para mi vida. Entiendo que hay un costo para verlo y estoy listo para continuar. No puedo contener el miedo que casi ha arruinado mi vida a través del abuso físico y mental interno culpándome a mí mismo.
Thank God for what you do for others.”

WB - Long Beach, CA

“I am a widow, and I am so thankful to Veronica and her team for their assistance in this matter. This award will make all the difference in my life going forward. Veronica also helped my husband with his disability claim, and he was rated 100% disabled with ischemic heart disease. He was amongst the initial cohort rated for this disease when it officially was recognized as presumptively service connected for Vietnam veterans.
My heartfelt thanks, Veronica, for all that you have done for me and my husband.”

Peines de jengibre

“I had been fighting for over forty years trying to get disability for my medical condition that was aggravated by being drafted into the military. I had representation from various agencies: first filed in Ohio, then in California, and then Texas…with no positive results. There were many times when I got discouraged from my case being rejected and stopped filing…but because I felt so strongly that I was wrongfully inducted into the military, I continued my fight.
I recently returned back to California with the determination to continue fighting for my disability. My mission at this stage of my life is to fight until the end. I immediately sought representation from an agency. Then I was blessed one day to meet someone that recommended Mrs. Veronica Lira who changed my life. After sitting down with her to discuss my case history, she took the time and patience to review my complete file from the day I was drafted into the military. She spent countless hours and concluded that I had poor representation over the years. She took my case and ran with it and now I am receiving 70% disability! The fight is still ongoing for me to receive 100%.
To me, she is an angel sent from above…without her coming into my life, I will probably still be at 0%. My motto is: NEVER GIVE UP! “