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Your donation helps drive our mental health program.

Why is mental health inserts important in a legal process? Integrating services enhances client well-being by providing holistic support, improving advocacy, and enabling early intervention. It reduces stigma, fosters open communication, and addresses the emotional impact of legal issues.

Your donation here supports our unique mental health advocacy model to communicate and educate Veterans on attaining their benefits. These models are an important part of our goal to empower Veterans as they make the transition from service back into their communities.

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Thank you for your interest in helping us continue our work serving Veterans through claims processing.  Here to partner

Alternatives for Vets is also structured in a way that enables us to expand our services through partner agencies and other resources. Your support today gets us up and running faster, paying for office space and dedicated case managers working on the research and documentation to fulfill Veterans benefits – accurately, the first time.

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¡Tu contribución hace una diferencia!

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El botón de donación aquí lo llevará a Qgiv, donde puede hacer una donación segura a Alternatives For Vets. Su donación empodera directamente a su comunidad de veteranos. Debido a que nos financia a nosotros y no a organizaciones gubernamentales, dice en qué se utiliza su dinero. Lo alentamos a que nos refiera a su camarada para que lo hagamos. ¡Gracias!

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